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was read a black jacket with leather on the back. >> big-time pop us today 3000 pollens worth $8 million. chicago cops and drug enforcement agents work together. police arrested four people 3 of the suspects are mexican citizens here in the u.s. illegally. >> chicagos inspector general said the city is wasting money and use to get rid of truck drivers. the drivers do nothing more than take of the workers to job sites and wake wait while those workers do their jobs. a long-term city labor contract exchange is impossible. >> the city has to offer staff work that in the private sector would be done with fewer workers and therefore more cheaply. again at a cost 18 million the year to the taxpayer that the hundred $80 million. the city of chicago give up this statement today. on capitol hill closer to reaching a tentative budget compromise to avoid a government shutdown it would cut out least $33 million in this year but it's that 23 million more than democrats ever agreed to. house committee members are debating how to hit the number of the deal might still fall through when it comes to
that the u.s. cannot stand idle when it comes to libya civil war but any action will be taken with the help of u.s. allies not by american forces alone . >> the changes in the region will not and cannot be imposed by the united states or any foreign power ultimately it will be driven by the people of the arab world. . >> just hours later lebron announced a ceasefire promising to halt to attacks on anti- government rebels but an opposition member the coastal city said the announcement had not stopped the fighting . >> secretary of state henry clinton said it's the action of gaddafi that will influence mobile response. . >> will continue to work with our partners in the international community to press gaddafi to leave and to support the legitimate aspirations of the libyan people . >> should gaddafi remain the role of the u.s. in the operations is a source of debate. . >> to do you think the u.s. was too slow to respond to the situation in libya? text yes or no 29799 it.no to 9799 [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the veg
a concern for hawaii and to the west coast of the u.s. feared the worst never came. a president obama offered condolences . >> international relief efforts are beginning to mobilize. and to begin what is expected to be a very long recovery effort . >> more than 8000 japanese troops have been deployed to locate missing people who may be alive beneath the rubble paired in the meantime th. digitalis' your situation . >> sphere the earthquake hit i lin southern she bewitches about several hours away from where the epicenter was. but we could still feel heavy shakes. the . >> can you tell us what you saw were you able to walk around it? . >> my surroundings weren't as bad as what was being seen on the news. when i got back home there were a few things broken. but for the most part i think the major thing that affected everyone wasn't the phone's been out. it wa. >> thought about how you helped the kids in the class that you are and at the time of the quake amonte being from the midwest we usually don't have a lot of earthquakes. it was definitely my first big one so i was naturally in shoc
the president tells us why but it is not good enough for several people on capitol hill. >> top stories seen around the country. the tone for u.s. engagement. the president's nationally televised speech on libya. from the national defense university in washington president obama addressed the nation monday night to clarify the purpose of the u.s. mission in libya. >> when our interests and values are at stake we have a responsibility to act. that is what has happened in libya. >> the explanation comes more than one week after the u.s. military and coalition of allies began military action to enforce the united nations no- fly zone in the civil war-torn country. president obama explains actions the united states has taken to protect the libyan people from the brutality of muammar gaddafi. >> we will deny the regime arms, cut off its cash and assist the opposition. we will work with other nations to hasten the day when he leaves power. >> republicans and democrats have leave criticize the president's plan. >> these concerns and questions are equally relevant in the senate and congress sin
have made it work for us for years. >> bad idea. >> great idea. >> >> a manual says streamline government is an idea he heard over and over on the campaign trail. it is just one idea of many key one civic leaders to start kicking around. >> changes you make in reforming it so we can do a better job. >> hard to argue. taxpayers spend just shy of $20 million a year to maintain the current 50 alderman. >> we want to hear from you. you think the number of all the men in chicago should be cut? >> clear message sent to cardinal francis george today. 20 minister is making that request it. the talk is the new date would be as president of leo catholic high school. ministers in this is on the >> south side not >> of us have worked with of our over the years. we all know he is a profound christian witness. an effective passer. >> he did attend today's event said he appreciated the minister's support. >> millions of people across the country still like tonight but they are dreaming >>> dreaming of winning tonight's 312 lottery jackpot. >> it sounds so good. the engine $12 milli
with missile strikes. >> barbara hall has tonight's top story. >> the u.s. military as part of an operation that includes key allies such as france and the u.k. launched missiles on libyan leader mall mar gaddafi's forces. dozens of missiles landed in the area. president barack obama speaking from brazil said that the u.s. it will not have troops on the ground but could not idly stand by while ago gaddafi friend his people with more violence. >> that is the cause of this coalition. >> pentagon officials say that the purpose of the mission called operation odyssey don is controlled. >the french air force began the operation by launching fighters over libya, and especially around the rebel stronghold area of of the gauzy. some claim that civilian areas are being hit by the launches. >> local lawmakers weighed in on today's action it was very important for this country to make a statement. >> i don't think there should be any u.s. boats on the ground and libya but if we can help the rebels hang on and prevent civilian slaughter coming we will have done a good thing. >> there are families aroun
u.s. navy is now joining the efforts to cool the reactor is down with the power knocked out since the tsunami seawater has been used to cool the plant but it contains salts which is damaging the reactor units the u.s. navy should arrive shortly and began pumping fresh water into the damage reactors. japan is urging the tokyo electric co. to be more transparent about the information about the reactors. it is causing people to suffer skin burns from highly radioactive water. >> the situation at the nuclear power plants is still unpredictable. we are trying to prevent it from getting worse we cannot allow ourselves to be optimistic. >> levels of radioactive iodine in sea water up to 19 mi. offshore are 5 to 1200 times higher than normal. there may be some sort of leakage directly into the ocean. the crisis was weighing heavily on the minds of dozens of people who offered their help today at fund-raisers in chicago. >> both fund-raisers today brought out a small crowds but they had big hearts. the japanese american service committee combined classical japanese bands with a bake sale
- raiser using a village vehicle. driving the wrong way down a busy highway crashing into to other vehicles and killing. >> say goodbye to the landmark with a very checkered past. assembly for a vigil at cabrini green the final building in the public housing complex scheduled for demolition tomorrow. it began in the early years as an affordable haven for 20th- century european immigrants earning a notorious reputation for public housing projects in this country riddled with drugs and crime. >> will there be a teacher layoffs or will the teachers union agreed to budget cut. >> praise being heaped upon teachers in this district at the meeting here this evening. you can call the case of shared sacrifice teachers agreeing to take smaller raises than have already been guaranteed in order to avoid program cuts and layoffs. nearly 2000 students. the administrators are faced with the real dilemma. a deficit they expect will climb into the millions in the next two years. they offered teachers a choice. they've already been guaranteed raises the option to reduce the raises to 4 and 6%. they have
. at 31 fifth and sixth graders complained of skin irritations and its u.s. most were looked over and given a clean bill of health. it investigators still have not released the cause of. at . >> to look at these dead fish washing up along the rocks. this is mary knoll upon tpond. needlo say the smell is not pleasant. there is a bit of a current. there are thousands of fish that have washed up here. no one knows why they have died. this is calleits connected by a stret goes out from glen allen. we haven't heard any other reports but if you know of any other spot where other fodead fish are washing up please contact us a . >> jim ramsey says we could seea slight difference in temperatures tomorrow. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock? man: no way! man: hey rick check this out! anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance. [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks, you could feel ready. introducing yoplait light's
for us yount similar concerns that the neighboring rochdale for 65 years they have watched steel mills closed. >> just to know that we have people here that have family to support to, they want to see the community growling, we have been here since 1946. >> 23,000 caterpillar employees across the state could be hurt if the company moved and an untold number of businesses. a spokesperson says that if it stays illinois tax increase will cost it an additional $40 million this year. caterpillar ceo has told gov quinn that they wantthe spot the state is headed is not favorable for business. >> a man saved from a fiery death with just seconds to spare received the opportunity to thank his saber in public today. he was driving on i 55 on tuesday an off-duty chicago police officer spotted smoke billowing from the park man in ran down and found him trying to save his welding equipment including several oxygen tanks. he had his moments before the van burst into flames. today him and his wife expressed their gratitude. >> looking at the pictures of the van he was a guardian angel, if he was s
also on site, have accumulated all of the previous used fuel that is no longer useful to produce electricity. " in other words, nuclear waste, nearly 2,000 t per bid illinois remembers well what happened a few years ago when contaminated water escaped from three of epsilon nuclear plants. state senators in town on other business, telling reporters that are watching closely what could be an important wake-up call for an entire industry. all the " i do not think we should have a knee-jerk reaction because the energy independence of the united states is critical" "what we are more to do in terms of the safe storage of the waste, i believe nuclear power is part of the future. " nuclear energy watchdog group in illinois, says we need to rethink the alliance of their power. other sources of safe electricity permitted countries around the globe indicating that perhaps the nuclear renaissance is itself melting down. >> you can find complete coverage on our web site wgntv.com/japan. best video and how you can help victims. why united and american drop a lawsuit against the city and a deat
and the threat of a nuclear meltdown continues. >> aid from the u.s. and other countries has arrived, and more help is on the way. the death toll and japan continues to climb. japan's prime minister is calling it the country's worst crisis since world war two, more than 10,000 people are feared dead from the earthquake in tsunami and thousands are still missing. >> he knows where his children are but his wife is not been found yet. >> there are incredible images of survival. on the ground, workers continue to go through rubble but with each passing hour the chances of finding people alive dwindle. >> i decided to make every effort to survive. >> in the hardest-hit areas there is little food and water and limited electricity. power will be rationed off, a desperate situation worsened by the threat of a possible nuclear meltdown. it has caused widespread evacuation. japanese officials have upgraded the earthquake's magnitude to nine. bow. this could be the most expensive disaster in modern world history. the estimate is $100 billion in damage. >> the destruction in japan is adding up to empty sh
engineers restart upon it was sent coolants over the reactors. there are reports tonight that the u.s. is helping . >> the rhodesian debt levels have dipped. we do not expect hs of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii and alaska or the u.s. territories in the pacific and not as for america's next and in japa planes arriving fromd chicago and other u.s. cities are chirping radiation detectors jered homeland security are saying that there is no threat as thought earlier . >> all local agencies including the chicago department of aviation and tell reporters the of information needs to come directly from the department of homeland security or u.s. borders and customs. they say as of tonight and there is little cause for concern . >> while watching japan's nuclear crisis american federal's seven extra careful in monitoring flights arriving in from tokyo. according to the department of homeland's security it was because of the card will not any of the passengers or their luggage. a spokesman for american airlines says it was medical equipment that tripped alarms in chicago. today u.s.
was on the floor with us or not so we try to get out of there very quickly. >> we searched the entire building all the way to the top. and we moved about 13 people. >> visibly shaken employees made their way out. >> the elevators were not working and we went on the air way. >> smoke spread to neighboring businesses and two employees were taken to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. a firefighter suffered a minor shoulder injury but is expected to be ok. >the cause of the fire is under investigation as our claims of the building's fire alarm system which supposedly never went off. >> one person was killed and three others were wounded in a gang-related shooting at a birthday party on the west side. it happens in an apartment building just before midnight last night. 18 year-old devin dire was killed. the woman who had direct it was hospitalized and is in stable condition and also hospitalized in critical condition and police say is that it does not appear that an arrest will be made. car and early morning car crash has left one person dead and two others injured. 22 year-old was heading south
this to say. >> it don't help us. he still gets a graduate from high school. derrion cannot graduate. shannon's family credit that sentence and. a third defendant a minor the time the incident was sentenced to a juvenile detention center in his 21st birthday. >> red hat debate over coal power plants on the west side. the 25th board may ending end up paying a political price. >> on the front line of work reporter forced to take cover when rebel fighter he was under came under fire. >> how much longer for the chilly temperatures? >> so, at our company we pay about the same, even though i'm a great driver and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount. this little baby keeps track of your great driving habits so you can save money. [sighs] amazing. it's like an extra bonus savings. [ cackling ] he's my ride home. how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. sam higgins? you have frequent heartburn, right? yeah. well we're the two active ingredients in zegerid otc. i'm omeprazole. and i'm sodium bicarbonate
economy behind in the u.s. and china. it's an important player in the supply chain. . >> cross the area there's room for help out. how did japan an'e good news as well as dozens of the people from the chicago area who had been living or working in japan were able to make it home safely today. all of them have quite a story to tell. including a man who was teaching japanese kids to even speak english . >> ready with a homemade sign at the store family anxiously awaits neck to arrive. no one more excited than his mom to see him. she spent all day trying to reach and . >> i was scared out of my wits. i just didn't know what to think i was just hoping for the best . >> after spending the last few days trying to get home he finally made it. he has spent the last year teaching english in the small town of comice true but 60 mi. northwest of tokyo. . >> emotional reunions continue throughout the afternoon. a woman embraces her granddaughter. every traveler from japan we spoke with today say they felt the first quake and the aftershocks were just as terrifying . >> we've always felt aftershocks
home there are dire consequences. dire consequences out that i don't think any of us wants to see in the state of wisconsin. . >> the deadline is tomorrow. walker also threatening layoffs if the democratic governors don't return . >> with the current budget running out on friday and a government shot off looming house republicans have proposed a temporary to week budget. and in the middle of all these budget issues president obama vice president biden and their wives hosted the nation's governors today it was a more casual of debt. governors were worried about what happened when the federal stimulus money runs out. there were also concerned about the federal government shutting down if there wait is o new budget plan . >> and the president also of the size is the steps he's taken to reduce spending say it's crucial for investment and infrastructure and education . >> bernie made off says that he knows who iis really to blame. charlie sheen all lows on his detractors [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it's fiber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there.
won't fix things either. because of a changing world they u.s. does not dictate global oil prices. nothing is one to prevent somebody whose newly wealthy in china to it from getting a car in china and filling, so for now and maybe from now on if you want to drive your going to have to pay. here in the suburbs public transportation options are limited. . >> we may look back at this one day as low. . >> howard simons and the voice of doom where the voice of realism. it is not good any way you look at it. simmons says that he doesn't see prices ever going down again and that is definitely going to hurt. . >> two weeks ago today professor northwestern university made a split-second decision that eventually made world headlines. he allowed sex and a classroom on stage witnessed by hundreds of students. . >> professor john michael bailey while declining and on air interview. it says that he is hoping that the whole scandal will blow over with time. bailey says that he has yet to be interviewed by anybody associated with university investigations. he said that it could be months before a
us to move forward with these reforms that are indeed fiscal . >> it isn't exactly clear when these democratic senators will return to wisconsin. they say it depends on whether or not the senate officially adjourned spirit they say usually that happens on friday. presumably of it happens to more they could return as soon as saturday. they say they would like to return at the same time i met in indiana and estimated 8000 pearl year to protest the alleged legislation , it was called a we are in the inner rally organized. republicans say their action is needed to balance the budget on like wisconsin indiana's constitution requires . >> and cut, union officials and workers have agreed to a take 10 unpaid days off to prevent layoffs. , balancing a $3 billion county budget didn't come easy. tonight that number has nearly been slashed in half as union members make sacrifices to keep their brothers working. executive director of the a f f say said that it was a tough call for the members already struggling with economic times. five of those days . >> keep in mind that the county initi
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. >> experts here in the state's main timeworn of an creasing risk of nuclear dangers . >> the u.s. putting unmanned military drums over japan's nuclear sites to get a clearer picture from above. on the ground on japan heroic workers at the reactor site continue their on-again off-again task of trying to reduce the nuclear threat. tonight dozens of refugees in shelters are being tested for possible contamination and rescue teams searched the snell for survivors. . >> in fact it's very much an international problem many countries advising their citizens to leave japan as quickly as possible. in the face of a possible nuclear meltdown. and this country the source of it heated debate on capitol hill. . >> right now according to your executive director you are doing nothing new. i haven't heard anything appeared i look at what germany is doing a look at what switzerland is due when none of them are panicking at all. i think they're being weis.weiswi. >> first of all we're going to be looking very seriously at what happens in japan and if we get information that tells us that there is a safety i
're all a debt of gratitude when our police and department and city need him. . >> heller told us tonight that his main goal is to primarily get the chicago police and are ready for summer it's busy ibust season. as for jody he is known for some time that his days are numbered year the department he said when his job dividend he intended to do something else but then he left it . >> falling ice from several buildings. an off-duty fire paramedic was injured when a chunk of ice fell from the water tower wil. right now in serious condition but is expected to recover. reports of falling ice from others by credit scribers that crewsky scrapers led crewso shut down streets. . >> many senate democrats and fled wisconsin's capital battle over collective bargaining what the budget speech and a mall along with wgn is tom kevin . >> this is why it's so vitally important the senate democrat to come home and do their jobs . >> by 90% . >> built a wall wisconsin senator some of the many ways watching their governmengovernon unlikely venue. . >> and may be comfortable but it may not pierce the capital a
to leave the country so we can speak at england oxford university. he is forbidden to leave the u.s. while he's on trial for his trial. actor davio eating that he was in a car accident that he's okay. . >> arquette senior with a corny cox. he was in a head-on collision in hollywood. the reports of any other injuries he also tweeted to a reminder to wear seat belts. . >> plus he said what? former arkansas governor mike how could these six on and natalie portman. and tell the sex is why one office says that women are more superior. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it's fiber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good! it tastes good, so there can't be fiber in it! it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber. [ asst mgr ] it says so right on the box. [ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar, crunchy clusters -- any cardboard? cardboard no, delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes.
the signing is not with its opponents as well. the death penalty is a useful tool. . >> there were expectations that on friday the governor was quinn to sign its. there were indications that he was even where to look to western university with a wrongful prosecution school that has brought many of these issues involving inmates wrongfully sentenced to death came from. but of course with the controversy of western . >> your dead talk about this before he is a long supporter of the death penalty. what was the purpose of the weight? . >> i don't think he ever expected that the legislature would send him a bill to repeal the death penalty. we look at everything that was on the plate for legislators including a big income tax increase i don't think he thought that bill was ever born to get his desk. he did take some time with it but he did talk uduring the campaig. , in your reporting as you look across the country is there something that we may see more of another state? . >> this would be the third state in three years that looked at to repeal the death penalty. and frankly there's an
for what our needs are and chicago police officers and allow us to do our jobs on a daily basis. >> shields takes over the job next month. >> cook county voters put him out of work now, stroke or is ready to walk the unemployment line. the county is fighting the claim, they say that he is not eligible to collect unemployment for wages that he made as an elected official. he left office one toni peck winchell won the general election. >> of all the things you can feel what would you pick someone's legs? >> how costco could help you get ready for the big day. >> marty brest celebrations are under way. having something stolen from you can be a devastating experience, especially when it is a body part. his $7,500 prosthetic leg was stolen when he left to go take a test ride on a 4 wheeler. history reached the prosthetics company which made the leg and they have decided to donate a replacement. >> i was extremely excited. >> i got into the field where i could do something to help people, and this is my opportunity to do something for a nice guy and a guy that deserves it. >> turner lost his leg
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the u.s. military bus to make sure passengers were american troops. even carried out a conversation before opening fire. evidence points to him being a part of an outcry of a group. star colleger starting lineup has been kicked off for having premarital sex with his girlfriend. he will have to set up for it the rest of the season. the cases being investigated . >> winter or spring? it will becom you've never seen fast. you've never held it in your hand, then unleashed it with a fingertip. never watched pixels whip by at 1 ghz and had your neurons struggle to keep up. you've never seen fast because you've never seen this. the droid incredible by htc. it's nothing short of its name. now get the droid incredible by htc for $99.99. and this is the warm fresh baked taste... of a strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza
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